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I received a catalogue from Charles Tyrwhitt in November with what seemed to be a great promotional offer on mens dress clothes. I placed my order online on November 22, 2010 and, to date, I still have not received the shirts, ties and cufflinks that I ordered.

Near the end of December, a customer service rep assumed it was "lost in transit" and placed a new order order of nearly the same clothes in the original order (leaving out one shirt without telling me). The order still has not arrived. Of course they charged me for the complete order way back in November minutes after the order was placed.

Numerous calls to customer service reps are fruitless. Stock answers about weather delays and security checkpoints continue to ring hollow. It seems as if I've placed an order in 1779, where a boat would cross the Atlantic and, due to high seas and storms, take months to arrive.

I would recommend avoiding this company. I have wasted so much valuable time trying to track down my order and complain to this company. There were also issues regarding the professionalism and knowledge of the customer service representatives, but I think you all get the picture by now.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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I just received my three dress shirts (from the promotional offer) in less than a week. I cannot tell you how happy and pleased I am.

Obviously, I am concerned about fit when ordering online, and material, since I am not in a store to handle the fabric. My favorite men's store is Paul Stuart in New York. So, I believe I can say with some authority, these shirts are exceptional, in material, soft, yet with a weave that I know will maintain shape; the fit is body hugging (I ordered slim fit), the neck and sleeve exactly as described (sometimes sleeve length can be too long) and the most handsome designs. Again, I will use the word "cannot" wait to wear these shirts.

When (I say when because it will not be "if"), I am asked where I found these shirts, I know I will be tempted not to answer. There is my only quandary, how do I answer?


Ron Woody52


I ordered shirts/ties and they were not received by the promised date. I had called 2 previous times to inquire about my order.

The current called I asked for a refund. 1st I was asked to wait a few more days( well past the 10 business days promised). Then I was told that I could not be refunded as it was too late in the evening (3pm EST). I asked how I could call and purchase shirts at the present time, but I could not be reimbursed?I asked to speak to a manager and I was told they were not available I told them I would hold for one.

After waiting 20 min and multiple pleas from the customer service rep I was finally told that there was no manager available /or there was a long wait and maybe someone would call me back tomorrow? I am still waiting for Louise to call me back. This is most unprofessional. I had a business deal with Charles Tyrwhitt and they did not follow through with there end of the bargain.

Now I just want to be reimbursed and it can't happen?

I will be contacting the US Better Business Bureau. I will be sticking with Brooks Brothers and will be telling my colleagues about my experience.


I have bought many times from CT with success. They have stores in the US (NYC) and they are very reliable.

I had a problem once with an order and it was promptly replaced.

They are a good company and I always get compliments on my ties, shirts. etc


Apologies... Email is ForNickWheelerOnly@***.co.uk and not the .com listed above.

Dont seem able to edit the above post.


I am horrified to hear about your experience with us.

We seriously pride ourselves on our customer service and indeed looking at the independent Feefo Results on our site in around 99% of cases we get it right.

We naturally do not want you to feel upset and would very much like to make you a happy customer, although it sounds like it might be too late.

If you have twitter perhaps you could send us a Direct Message with your order number and I will look into it again for you. Twitter name is @ctshirts. Otherwise please send an email to fornickwheeleronly@***.com and we will resolve this.

There have been problems with an increase in airport security flying goods into the States and weather hasn't been as good as we would like. I believe we now have to ship in a different way. None the less this is completely unacceptable and I deeply apologise.

We only ever charge for orders once they are despatched and typically delivery to the US is around 15 working days.

I would like to apologise again from us all at Charles Tyrwhitt.


That was honestly one of the most insulting apologies I have ever read.

It would seem to me that you are far more interested in defending your reputation that making this incident right with the customer. For example, your mention of Feefo right out of the gate is a bit of a tangent, wouldn't you say? And then placing fault on customs and the weather yet /again/ (even after the customer had clearly stated frustration with these excuses) is also quite insulting.

Cutting the defensive posture *** and keeping the meat of resolving the issue would be most advisable in the future... nobody cares about your company statistics, internal procedures, or the weather. They just want /their/ problem resolved.

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